Can You Please Tell The Importance Of Mobility Of Labor For Economic Development?


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Availability of laborers: with mobility of laborers made possible, it will compensate for the retirement of laborers in certain places. As workers retire because of old age etc. laborers from other places take their places and there is no wastage of labor.Reducing Economic disparity of Regions: in this case the under developed regions will benefit from the mobility of labor as the laborers will use, provide and establish new ideas in improving the state of the lesser developed areas.

Solving Problem of Unemployment: the problem of unemployment will decrease when people are allowed to go anywhere in search of work. They will keep on searching for work as they are mobile.

Reward in According with Capabilities: some people are as equally qualified as the other in their profession, but are not paid as much. With the mobility of labor people can travel to places where their capabilities are well appreciated and are paid to their true capabilities.
Fair Distribution of Wealth: By allowing mobility of labor, the economic status of an individual will improve considerably. Thus fair distribution of wealth will occur and every individual will be better off than before.Eliminating Regional Bias: Another important factor of mobility of labor is to ensure harmonious cooperation between difference regions people related to different cultures.

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