Can You Describe The Economic Importance Of The Family Rosaceae?


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Economic importance of this family is great in providing the pleasure and welfare to mankind. The members of this family are important in temperate regions for fruit and ornamentals. Perhaps they rank thirds in commercial importance in the temperate zone among the families of flowering plants.

Important fruits are Apple, Pear, Almond, Apricot and Strawberry etc.

Ornamental Plants:
A large number of plants are ornamental and are grown in gardens for their beautiful and scattered flowers. Perhaps the most widely cultivated genus for decorative purpose is Rosa.

Rose which has been grown in gardens since ancient times and who's named cultivars (a plant variety produced by cultivation) are now numberd in thousands. Many other genera are also grown for their beautiful flowers in the parks and gardens.

Walking sticks and wood:
The branches of Crataegus provide excellent walking sticks and wood.

Tobacco Pipes:
The wood of Pyrus pastia is used for making tobacco pipes.

In Asian countries the petals of common rose usually called "gulabs" are used in making "gulkand", and are also used in extraction of an essential oil (rose oil) used as perfume. When distilled with water the petals give Rose-water or "Ark-Gulab", which is used for curing eye disease and for many other purposes.

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