Why Do We Make Mistakes?


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We make mistakes because we are human, and humans are not perfect..
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Some of the parent normally do when their childern make a mistake like a small mistake they just ignore it when more and more the mistakes attack us, they will stated to scold and instead of hatting or judging them, they dont find the reason to their children explants if the parents mush take it seriously and try to develop their children to guide and help them realze the dangers in scocial life, and many places, this mistake is so well hidden that we do not realize it .is there. And we try
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Mistakes are learning tools. If you don't fall a million times while learning to walk, you will never learn. If you don't hit your car while learning to drive you won't know what it is to drive safe. So we make mistakes so that we know what is the right thing to do. These are actually building blocks on the road to perfection. How does your teacher know the common mistakes that children make in exams? She does because maybe she made the same mistakes herself. So it's all about experience, growth and learning. The journey up there is only enjoyable when you bump into disasters and see the ugly side of life. Nothings perfect, you just have to look closely and you'll see that even the most perfect picture has a certain defect. That defect is there because we're humans, and humans make mistakes. People are given chances in life so that they learn and grow into mature individuals. No one in this world was born mature, he grew up making mistakes and learning from them.
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You see we all make mistakes in our, sometimes these mistakes are forgivable and sometimes these mistakes are unforgettable. You see, everything in this world happens for a reason, and what ever happens, happens for good. So what ever happens doesn't ever feel sorry or regret on what has happened. If a person has lied to him family or someone he loves, there has to be a reason for it.

Nobody can lie to his family or his love, these are the two most precious things in ones life, knowing that what-so-ever he is doing can eventually scatter his entire world apart. Can you still think that what a lie which he committed was done on propose. Nobody, no matter how harsh that person is, still has some humanity in himself, considering the love he has given to his family and the love he got in return cannot be judged with just a lie. When people make such mistake they should be given a chance, they should be given a chance to speak up and at least give out the main reason why they did something like that. Just remember no crime is severe, until you act like a criminal yourself.
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Research has shown that there are so many reasons why we human beings make mistakes despite the fact of our natural intelligence, acquired brilliancy or innate skills. So many people must have said to themselves I'm too good to make mistake", fine, they may be very good in handling things, but it is impossible for them never to have made at least a small mistake since the past three weeks.
Making mistakes may not be as bad as people may think, but it is just an avenue of making things better. On the other hand, most people need to watch the way they make and keep making mistakes, it may due to the following possible ways;
1) So many people usually due to tension get themselves engulfed in fear, thereby confusion sets in there mind and there cognitive process is affected, causing them to tremble, as a result of this, they make mistakes. This kind of mistake is most embarrassing especially when strangers and those who respect you are around.

2) Also people tend to make mistakes due to 'i don't care attitude' which can cause them fortunes of their life. People in this category believe they are 'too good' or most times they believe nothing can happen if they do it any way and any how. At the end they tend to regret and wish for a second chance. In Africa, 29% of people loose their jobs due to this kind of mistake.
3) It is most important to know that we cannot have 100% accurate memory, people make daring mistakes due to the fact that they forget things. It is normal to forget, but when it is getting too much, it becomes a problem. I, personally used to be a victim to this unfortunate kind of mistake making and i needed to check it.
4) It may be strange to say this, but it is true. Most people make mistakes because they are not religious. They seem not to pray, they believe they can do all all things without the good factor' either as a Muslim or a Christian. We all need to pray and ask wisdom, knowledge and understanding from God. A practical example of this can be traced to the bible, how Solomon asked nothing but wisdom from God. Today, Solomon of old is regarded as the wisest man ever by Christians.
5) Due to the playful attitude of people especially children, they forget things a lot it is very glaring that playful people forget things a lot.

There are so many other ways why people make mistakes, it could be biological, spiritual, psychological or even emotional factors could be reasons why people make mistakes. The reasons for making mistakes however can be countless.
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Mistakes do happened and mostly to some1u love. Ever 1 should have a 2nd chance from a mistake they made. But 4the1 who made the mistake you must be willing to consider that the other person is hurt sad angry not sure what to do why this happened because now its not only its another you have to be willing to stand by there side through this time as there doing 4u and its going to be rough and hard stick in there good luck

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