Why do we feel materialistic things will make us happy?


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Lard Ass answered

Well, I can say with the utmost certainty that material things do not make me happy. The love and respect from a wonderful man is what fills my heart and soul with happiness.....that, can never be bought.

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Bradley Lomax answered

Usually it fills a purpose in the persons life who wants such an object like books people enjoy obtaining those because they entertain or teach a subject that the certain person is trying to learn or a gun someone who wants a gun might feel like they need protection or that they want to use one to join a gun club or  a musical album a person might want one because they enjoy listening to the artist

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Kk polly answered

Movies and video games make me happy when they make me laugh or just have a good time with them,

Some things have special meaning to you because they remind you of someone dear

But of course, you can't buy happiness.

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