How Do You Make Sugar Fizzy?


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Well sugar is a substance used to make our dishes, drinks, baking materials and others eatables taste sweet. It is taken out from sugarcanes. The sugarcanes are squeezed to take all the juice out of them and then it is processed to make sugar and again processed to make different kind of sugar i.e., caster sugar, icing sugar, sweeteners, fizzy sugar. Flavored sugar. Etc. If the factory has the equipments to make these products.    Fizzy sugar is actually not a sugar it is a substance called sorbet which is used instead of sugar to make sweeteners and to make eatables sweet for diabetic patients. It is not harmful for any one but there is specific amount of 20 grams of sorbet should be used in a day. For fizzy sugar, carbon dioxide is used in the sugar with the flavors of different kinds of fruits or some limited fruits like lemon, mango and orange are used to preserve the ingredients of the sugar and when you put it into your glass with water you see it is fizzy and tastes fizzy too due to the carbon dioxide.

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