What Is The Least Count Of Vernier Caliper?


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The least count of a Vernier Caliper is 0.1mm accuracy. This is not the case for all Vernier Calipers, as some may be older tools, but contemporary digital Verniers are that accurate. Manual or analog Vernier Calipers are marginally less accurate, at 0.2mm accuracy.

  • What is a Caliper?

A Caliper is a tool used to measure the distance from one side of an object to the other. The main part of the caliper is a sort of pincer head, which is the part of the tool that clasps itself around either side of the object. Then at the opposite end there is sometimes a ruler of sorts, to measure the subsequent distance. On varieties that there aren't then a ruler is required.

Unsurprisingly, archaeologists have found evidence that the Ancient Greeks - in 6th Century B.C. - had, albeit rarely, used calipers for construction work and other building crafts.

  • What is a Vernier Caliper?

A Vernier Caliper is a specific type of Caliper. It is generally made of metal and used in the process of metalwork. It differs from a normal caliper as it is a straight line with a side-sliding measuring head on it, and additionally has both outside pincers and inside pincers; one above and one below.

  • Are there many types of Caliper?

Yes. There is the Inside Caliper, which measures distances internal to an object. In contrast, there is also an Outside Caliper, which as you might have guessed measures external distances. There is a Divider Caliper, which has sharp legs. One leg acts as a center point and the other then scores marks on things like wood and metal.

The final variety is an Oddleg Caliper, also known as an Oddleg Jenny. This has one crooked leg, designed to run along the side of a workbench whilst keeping the other leg straight.
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Least count = value of 1msd/total no. Of vsd
1 msd = 0.1mm,
total no. Vsd = 5
therefore LC = 0.02mm
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Least count of Vernier Calliper is difference in value of one main scale division and one vernier scale division.
  L C = (n-x) / n
  n- no of division in vernier scale.
  X- no of division in main scale matching with n no of vernier scale division.
Example - 1 msd = 1 mm.
  16 msd (main scale division) matches with 20 vsd (vernier scale division).
  L C = (20-16) / 20
  =0.2 mm.

  Somansh Raj
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The least count of the vernier can be measured by using the formula stated below.Least count (L.C) = 1 M.S.D - 1 V.S.DExample;vernier scale is constructed by taking 49 main scale divisions dividing them into 50 divisionsie. 49mm divided into 50 partstherfore1 vsd=49/50 mm=0.98mm1 MSD=1mmsubstituting in formulaL.C = 1 M.S.D - 1 V.S.DL.C=1-0.98=0.02mm
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Observe the number of divisions on the vernier scale, 1 divided by the observed no. Of divisions gives the value. Eg: 50 divs on VS.
Least count = 1/50=0.02
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Least count (screw gauge) = minimum measurement on main scale / total number of divisions on circular scale

Least count (vernier callipers) = minimum measurement on main scale / total number of divisions on vernier scale
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Length of 1 main scale div. / no. Of div. On the vernier scale.
E.g. A vernier calipers main scale div is .5mm and in vernier scale 25 div
so least count of vernier is .5/25 =.02mm
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It can be determined by knowing the gap b\w the reading on main scale / by the total no. Of no.s on vernier scale .
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Check the line of vernier scale  that  exactly  coincides with the line of main scale . Then count the lines till the line that coincides . This is how you can measure the negative  zero error.
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Vernier a ruler can measure in mm...its used in physics and many more subs.....
Wiki:A vernier scale is an additional scale which allows a distance or
angle measurement to be read more precisely than directly reading a
uniformly-divided straight or circular measurement scale. It is a
sliding secondary scale that is used to indicate where the measurement
lies when it is in between two of the marks on the main scale.
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When the jaws are closed together and if
the zero of   the vernier scale is to the left of
the zero of the main scale,then the error is
negative. Here the correction is positive
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Least count of vernier calipers=(Value of smallest division on Main Scale)/(Total no.of division on Vernier scale).
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There is a circular scale. 30 divisions of its vernier scale are equivalent to 29 divisions of the main scale. Value of the smallest division on the main scale is 1° / 2 . Calculate the least count

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