What Was The Capital Of Germany Before Berlin?


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Bonn was before Berlin
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Germany didn't exist until 1871. Before that it was just a group of collected kingdoms, who kind of all spoke the same language 'The Holy Roman Empire.'
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The land that comprises the nation of Germany was throughout history part of various Germanic empires or divided in to small subdivisions and principalities ruled by local dukes and princes. For example in the Middle Ages the land what is now Germany was part of the Holy Roman Empire with the center of the empire located in Vienna the present day capital of Austria.

Frankfurt, one of the major cities of Germany today, was also considered to be one of the capital cities of the Holy Roman Empire and was the seat of the first elected government in Germany during the revolutions of 1848-49. But it was only after the unification of Germany in 1870 due to the efforts of Bismarck the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Prussia that the nation of Germany officially came in to existence.

Berlin the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia became the capital of the newly formed nation. After World War II Germany was partitioned in to East Germany and West Germany; with Berlin being the capital of East Germany and the city of Bonn being named as the capital of West Germany. After the reunification of Germany in 1990 Berlin again became the official capital of Germany.
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