What Is The Advantages Of Role Of Media In Pakistan?


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Pakistan has been experiencing forced geo-political situations particularly since the 9/11 tragedy. Media is playing an instrumental role in both the development and diffusion of the issues besides keeping people informed on the current events and their back ground. Just few years ago, the electronic media was monopoly of the state but global market forces led the fast growth of independent media in Pakistan too. Not only hundreds of foreign TV channels are available to Pakistani audience but also around 70 local independent TV channels also successfully have started reaching the around 8 million cable TV subscribers. Population of Pakistan is 160 million. More than 100 independent FM radio stations are also functioning in different cities. State media is still enjoying various edges over independent media particularly the vast terrestrial reach and preferred status at government level. Pakistanis are generally politically conscious and that's why news & current affairs TV and radio channels are popular.
Pakistani media has been working under several restrictions and hurdles because of lesser tolerance from influential quarters. Despite strict media laws and impositions of bans, it is still playing a vital and courageous role in the critical situations and important issues affecting the nation and influencing regional and world affairs. Pakistan's contribution in fighting war against terrorism is fully supported by the media. Delicate situation at borders with India and Afghanistan has always been portrayed by the media sensibly. At the moment Pakistan is passing through a critical phase of its history and tied in difficult situations. Relations with India are at ‘zero tolerance' level after tragic incident of terrorism in Mumbai recently. Border with Afghanistan is not safe due to on going fighting with Taliban. Normal life in the country is also badly affected and is unsafe due to suicide attacks. Pakistan need immediate and permanent peace for stabilization of its shattering economy and upholding the national repute. More or less, the media is playing its due role in peace building but this role can be made more fast and effective through joint efforts and constant dialogue on specified objectives

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