Is My Life Going To Get Better?


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Not knowing you or what you are going through ,its hard to answer that question.being through a 100 times what a normal person goes through in a lifetime,(war at the age of 17,addiction,lose of children,a wife,a family,this just keeps going on and on)I'm here to tell you things do get better!you become strong in yourself,lets try it this way.after loosing everything that I thought was important to me ,I found that that was only the start of my journey. I found myself alone,not right in the head from the war (viet nam) ,and very afraid that I would do something to myself.I just didn't care anymore.I took off across the u.s. (hitchhiking) I ran into this person that saw something in me.(to this day I still don't know what she saw in me) well I became very close to this very special person.she saved my life.but this took a long time ,I didn't trust anyone.but for some reason this person became my friend.not my lover not my wife but my friend. It was like starting life all over again.there is a lot that I have left out.I could bring you to tears with what has happened in my lifetime.and you would ask why didn't he just give up. Well ill tell you why,I learned to love myself again .now my bills are almost always late, I'm not happy with the woman in my life and things just don't go the way I want them to.but I know deep in my heart that things will get better.they always do. You see that life is not a bed of roses, you have to fight for what you matter how many let downs you get, there is always the one thig that stands out in your life. Mine is this very special person that I met so many years ago,I just buried her 3 months ago, she was 82. I'm 52. She thought me how to live again. Ill miss her with all of my heart, but when its my time to go I know that ill see her again. I don't know if this helped you any,I hope that it did.just remember that when things look the darkest,you'll find that way to make things better.hang in there because I have a feeling that what you are looking for isn't that far off. And when you do find it ,keep it . There is something special heading your way,for some reason I can fell that its not that far off. Don't do anything stupid.thing are going to get better
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Dear Harryb,
I guess you have answered perfectly and u didn't ask but you made my eyes wet. I am also going through rough phase.. Lost job.. Losing hope.. But still something in me says things will go alright.. It is life.. Every fall will rise and every rise will fall.. Like lester levenson said no attachment no aversion..

God Bless u

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God will make things right. We all have jobs and we lose jobs. We have families and we lose families, we have a family and next a divorce. I didn't have a job for almost 8 years but now I have one. I promise things will get better. Don't get depressed. Just think of something you can do for right now. There are volunteer programs all over the world because people need someone like you to talk to, there are old people in homes whose children don't visit them, our war heroes need a hello, or a letter sayng thank you for my freedom, a baby in an orphanage needs to be picked up and cuddled, so I can't worry about myself because its not about me. I have 3 big teens  to care for and looking towards God is the only thing that helps me make it through the day. God tells us take no thought for your life, what you will eat or what you will wear for life is more than raiment, more than all of that. Be anxious for nothing. He says by worrying you cannot turn one hair on your head white or black. Just do what you can. Things will be okay so don't worry. God Bless.
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I think the same every day, always have dramas or bad two years ago being beat half to dealth by a man that had a crush on me and then this year i lost my b,f and my best mate by a hit and run taxi driver. I think we just have to keep going and find a way to get over bad times but i seem to have more bad then good. But also ic u have people in ur life that f not good that bring u down too.x
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The mechanism of this life, is always about cycle, death rebirths, rise and fall in business, marriage, relationship, works, even business has its cycle as well as even season and eco systems. If you become so sticking rich you will lost some parts of you, such as friends, moral, ethics and especially "time" for your family, kids or even yourself. In the end, you will always lost some and gain some. That's the balance mechanism of the great design of this life. If you think you are at the lowest point in your life cycle, don't worry because you are not alone, every living creatures in this planet experiencing the same things as you, and if you are at the bottom, there's s only one way to go.....up. And you thinks that you don't gain anything from all of this misery, but once you are back on your upper cycle you will realize of those precious lesson that you learn and earn at your lowest point. Your life will never be complete without these events in your life.
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Sometimes we attract negative things to our lives. One way we do this is by concentrating on ourselves too much and always trying to figure out how we're messed up and how to fix it. When we do this we are putting a lot of concentration on negative aspects of ours. The negative aspects are strengthened just by you doing this. Try to focus on your positive aspects and put your concentration into those and ignore your negatives and see what happens.

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