Is Mountain Life Better Than City Life?


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I consider myself blest Limj, we live a twenty minute drive from the Lake District in Cumbria. In summer the area teems with tourists. That's fine, its great for everyone to get a spiritual lift, and its so beautiful that people go away renewed and at peace with themselves.  I love the winter months when I can spend a whole day walking without meeting anyone.  Sometimes I'm overawed and humbled by the magnificence of the mountains.  But I also love cities with their monumental buildings and bridges etc, made by man.  I'd love to visit New York one day. Cheers Kez
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Funny you should ask this, as I live in the city, at the base of the mountains. Real mountains too, not hills. It is only a 20 minute drive to be out of town and fishing in one of our favorite holes. Couldn't ask for anything better, other than living out there.
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Sometimes I wish I were on that mountain now,I had the opportunity to live on one and I loved it,i could actually hear the wind,and see the stars at night.Thanks
Jacquelyn Mathis
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I love it here, but there is the constant threat of bears in the summer and fall.
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I am from the country and have lived in it all of my life. Trust me there is nothing better than waking up to the view of the beautiful Appalachian mountains and of course the fresh air. In cities you do not get to take nature walks which are absolutely wonderful. A helpful hint: Not all mountain folks are hillbillies or hicks.
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I have live in large city's up till i retired. I bought eight acres of woods on top of a mountain about 2300 ft above sea level.i could not ask for any thing better i live on dead end road so there is no traffic and lots of trees and its only about twenty miles to the city for shopping and what ever.and the air is much cleaner and the temp is always cooler in the summer time and its not too bad in the winter. I would not live any other place.
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Country life, whether in the countryside or on the mountains, is always better than city life in most respects. There is the clean air factor, well water without chemicals, fresh fruits and/or vegetables, plenty of space for walking or jogging,and lastly-less noise. Yes, ultimately, it's better.
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I live on a mountain and I love it. The air is clean and we drink spring water. We are surrounded by mountains. I've lived in the city, but I love the mountains better.
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No city life is better than mountain life as the mountain people get the horrible disease goitre very quickly.

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