What Makes A Hebridean Spinning Wheel So Special And Can You Still Buy Them?


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Hebridean Spinning wheels are handcrafted to order and built using the same techniques as in the days of old. The distinctive Hebridean wheel, comprising over 50 separate components, is a unique design that has stood the test of time.

Until fairly recent times, the Hebridean spinning wheel was a common sight in every household. Generations after of crofting families kept sheep to provide wool for spinning into yarn for the world famous Harris Tweed.

The same care and attention that was given to such a vital tool of island living is today recreated by a few artisans who make Hebridean spinning wheels to the original design. Because they are custom made, no two wheels are identical, guaranteeing a unique and collectable replica spinning wheel to spin your own yarns on.

Measuring 86 cm (34 inches) from floor to the top of the wheel and 74 cm (29 inches) long, the Hebridean spinning wheel has compact proportions. Traditionally made from drift wood, today's replicas tend to be manufactured from sustainable forests.

The treadle-operated wheel turns clockwise to spin the wool into yarn, and counter clockwise to twist two or three individual yarns to a thickness suitable for knitting.

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