Who Invented Cosmetics?


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Cosmetics are substances that are used to improve and enhance the beauty of a human being. First evidence of the usage of cosmetics by human beings was found in ancient Egypt around 4000BC. Romans, Greeks, and Indians were also known to use cosmetics since ancient times. Cosmetics that contained lead and mercury were used by Ancient Egyptians and Romans. It is said that in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was an expert in cosmetics. It is believed that she has also written a book about them.The use of cosmetics was restricted to the upper classes during the medieval period. Abu'al-Qassim al-Zahrawi, or Abulcassis (936-1013 AD), a phycisian, was an early cosmetologist who wrote an encyclopedia in which 19 chapters were devoted to cosmetics alone. Cosmetics had become common for all classes by World War II.
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As I know, cosmetics has a great history. When the question is about the invention, may be the ancient people had their own cosmetics?

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My question is about the special type of cosmetic element or item described anywhere else. And the utterance is about organic cosmetics and its appearing as the best helper for all the women.

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As for the cosmetics origin, it is necessary to clarify a couple of things. The first one, what type are you talking about? Cosmetics today has so many variations. If the speech is about organic ones like , the history if it not too complicated and long. As people today are really demanded. And the companies need to find the new ones to attract the new customers.

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Makeup is a great way to look good and attractive. Unfortunately, with age, cosmetics don't always help to look fresh, young and pretty. Many women resort to surgical medicine and injections, and due to the fact that this area of cosmetology is rather poorly regulated, it can lead to bad consequences. I like the ideology of the Pout clinic because they believe that injections should make your after photo look many times better than the before one. Not all clinics worry about such details, they only care about getting the client's money.

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