10 Ways How To Take Care Of Our Sense Organ?


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There is more than one sense organ, so we need to focus on one of them to figure out ten ways to care for it. Let's look at the ears - these important sense organs can contribute to more than hearing; they can actually affect the sense of balance and equilibrium in the human body.

  • Clean gently

To take care of your ears, clean them gently with Q-tips, and never push the cotton swabs into the inner ear. Always clean very gently, and have any excess earwax removed by a doctor, not an "ear candling" expert or someone "New Age" like that. It's really important to understand that putting a lot of stuff in your ears is a very bad idea. The nerves in the inner ear are very sensitive to damage, and the ear can also get infected quite easily. Children must also be taught to protect their ears properly, and not to poke their fingers in their ears.

  • More tips

Protecting your ears from noise is very important in our loud, loud world; nerve damage caused by guitars at rock concerts, race track car engines, and other environmental noise can lead to hearing loss and complete deafness. At loud events, wear earplugs - they'll protect your ears, and, if you have normal hearing, you'll still be able to enjoy the speeches and sounds of music - they'll just be muffled a little bit. Another tip is to avoid getting a lot of water in your ears when you're swimming - after all, some water is polluted with pathogenic bacteria or dosed with chemicals, such as chlorine, that may have an impact on the health of the inner ear.

Getting audio-grams and having your ear health checked yearly by a medical doctor can be a great way to take care of your sense organs. Getting the right medicine for ear infections can also help a lot. Children should see doctors right away if their ears hurt.
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Thanks for this info! It is very useful. I want to add that it is important not to insert any ear swabs into the ear as it may push wax deeper into the ear canal. It also concerns children. I clean only my baby's ear edges after the bath. But in case you notice any changes in your child's hearing, it is necessary to pass a pediatric hearing test.

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By keeping them clean and avoiding shape objects from coming incontact with them.
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The best way to care for your sensory organs is not to overstimulate them too much, because it will damage the cells that make up the sensory organ. Also, avoid harsh or long term exposure to chemicals, because they will also damage the cells.

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