How To Take Care Of Our Five Senses?


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We all know that vision is the most important of all our senses, so we need to take care of our eyes. We cannot live life to the fullest without vision.

Eat food rich in vitamin A.
Add vitamin A rich food like carrots, papaya, apples etc. To your diet. Vitamin A improves the quality of your vision.

Wear sunglasses whenever you go out.
Use sunglasses whenever you go outside to protect you eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Retain moisture in your eyes
As tears are very helpful in preventing dry eyes, cut onions once a month or blink rapidly for 5 minutes to retain the moisture.

Use an air conditioner only when necessary
Air conditioning decreases the humidity in your eyes and makes them dry which can result in corneal abrasions. So decrease the use of air conditioner.

Use an Anti Glaring Glass While at the Computer
And keep the screen just below your eye level.

Rest your eyes every hour when reading
Close your eyes for 5 minutes every hour while reading or working with eyes.

Apply Peppermint Oil or Vanilla to Your Arm and Inhale it
Peppermint oil and vanilla stimulate the limbic system in your brain, which in turn stimulates the rods in your eyes. This will help us see even in dim light.


Avoid offensive odors
Prolonged exposure to bad odors will diminish the your olfactory abilities.

Go For a Brisk Walk
Daily brisk walking enhances the sense of smell.

Use Sniff Therapy
According to Dr. Hirsch sniffing something with a strong odor for 3 minutes, 5 to 6 times daily can improve the efficiency of your smell within four months.

Eat Zinc Rich Food
Add zinc rich food to your diet at least once a week as zinc deficiency decreases the ability of sense of smell.

Avoid Cigarettes and Alcohol
Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol as long term smoking damages the olfactory nerves in the back of your nose and the rise of blood alcohol decreases the sense of smell.

Clean Your Nose with Saline Spray
Clean your blocked nose with saline spray. This will release blocked nerve receptors.


Add More Spices to Your Diet
Spices increase the sense of taste. So add more spices and herbs to your diet.

Drink a Lot of Water
Take as much water as you can even in winter as water balances the saliva secretion on the tongue.

Chew Thoroughly
Chewing releases more flavor and extends the time that the food lingers in your mouth and spends more time in contact with your taste buds.

Reset the Tastebuds
Stop eating salt or sugar or lower the quantity for a week. After a week switch back to your original quantities. It will increase the sensitivity to salty and sweet foods.

Avoid Spicy Food
Don’t take very hot foods or drinks as it damages the taste buds.

Keep Your Tongue Clean
If you observe any patches or spots or a change in color immediately consult a physician.


Add Magnesium and Vitamin B Rich Food to Your Diet
Studies have revealed that a low magnesium diet can lead to hearing loss, so add magnesium rich food to your diet. Vitamin B protects the neurons and blood vessels connected to the cochlea, the tiny bone found in the inner ear.

Limit Your Intake of Caffeine
Caffeine interferes with the flow of blood to the ears, so avoid large amounts of caffeine.

Switch to a Low Sodium Diet
Excess sodium retains fluid and causes swelling in the functional organs of the ear.

Moderate Your Drinking: Sip Your Wine or Beer
Moderate drinking protects against age-related hearing loss. Excessive drinking may actually cause hearing loss.

Consume a Cup of Skimmed Milk
Studies show that the calcium and vitamin D in milk are helpful in keeping the bones in your ear, especially the cochlea, healthy.

Avoid Sound Pollution
As the nerves in our ear are very sensitive, stay away from sound pollution. Don’t shout or talk too loudly as it damages both the vocal chords and nerves in cochlea. Put cotton balls or ear plugs when it is inevitable for you to go to noisy places.

Don’t Put Sticks in Your Ears
Don’t let the water enter into your ears while bathing, and always visit a specialist to de-wax the ears.


Use Sunscreen When Going Out
Apply sunscreen lotion to your body while going outside to protect the skin from the UV rays of sun.

Do Aerobic Exercises
Exercise causes sweating which eliminates the toxins on our skin.

Use a Moisturizer
Use moisturizers that contain glycerin and propylene glycol. Skin products that contain AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) help to reduce wrinkles and improves dry skin, acne etc.

Add Garlic to Your Diet
Studies show that skin cells grown in a culture treated with garlic had seven times the life span of normal cells. Garlic extract was even shown to inhibit the growth of cancerous skin cells.

Tone Your Skin with Herbs
Tone your skin with herbs like sage, witch hazel and peppermint as sage helps control oil secretion, witch hazel restores skin’s protective layer and pepper mint creates a cool tangle.

Increase Your Intake of Antioxidant Rich Food
Include antioxidant rich food like citrus fruits and colored vegetables in your diet. Products like soy support skin health and protect collagen.

Avoid Skin Destroyers
Smoking, sunbathing and tanning saloons cause premature aging to your skin. So avoid these.

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