How Can I Find Pictures Of Radiation Effects On Humans?


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Radiation occurs when unstable nuclei of atoms decay and release particles. However, the effects depend on dosage. Dosage for radiation is measured in rem or roentgen equivalent in man, a dosage of 25 rem can be detected in blood, but unless the dosage is above about 100 rem there will be no immediate harmful effects. These dosages can cause the first signs of radiation poisoning. These effects are: Nausea, vomiting, headaches and some loss of white blood cells. Doses of over 300 rems or more can cause loss of hair and sometimes significant internal harms. This includes damage to nerve cells and cells that line the digestive tract. Half of all people exposed to 450 rems die, and doses of 800 rems or more are always fatal. Besides the symptoms mentioned above, these people also suffer from fever and diarrhea.

Pictures of these effects can easily be found by way of searching an image search engine. One example of this is google. A simple search of googles image search engine: where a search of radiation poisoning will bring up over 700,000 results. Another idea to search for would be Alexander Litvinenko. He was an ex spy who was poisoned with a radioactive substance. There are many pictures online of how the radiation poisoning effected his body and this will show you how over just one month the poison from just 10 micrograms of the Po.

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