Does a woman's genetic makeup contain feline genes?


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Hiya Jack.To be honest i think they do contain feline genes,especially the big cat
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I know what you are saying Jackyl and you are right. However it is a fact that females of many species are hormonally ruled.  Better to not pick the wrong time !!  I quess men have to be mind readers!
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Stewart Pinkerton
Tricky to get the timing right when they have PMS for 3 weeks and then they have a bad week! Personally, Aileeny, I can't trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die.....................
Jack Mahon
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Hey Stew, I'll bet if you cut your finger and bleed a globule, you yell for your poor wife to get you a bandaid. How do I know, because I do all the time.
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Oh My God Mac...That's an awful thing to say.
Do I think women have feline genes, Jackyl ?
We can tend to bite & scratch when we don't get our way.

But Elloise09 is right. We R very hormonally guided & can't help it sometimes, when we get cranky for no reason. It's best to keep your calm with us & treat us with gentle care, no matter what. Once the hormones calm down...we will purrr like a kitten.
(Jewelry helps too ) LOL
We don't hafta put up with nasty men either. If more of them were treating women better, this might be a happier world.
Unfortunately, there's a lot of nasties running around on both sides. But who do U think makes us this way most of the time? It seems to me that we don't get so cranky with our female friends, as we do with the male gender. Must be a reason there.

It isn't ALL hormonal tho. Some of us just have a nasty nature n' you'll hafta decide who U choose to spend time with. The rest of us, R good-natured, like any man may be. Tho I have known men with very bad natures themselves.....So it goes both ways.
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Jack Mahon
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Hormones,hormones,hormones. Blame it all on hormones, I have hormones too you know, but you don't hear my hors moaning constantly.
Midnite star
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That's right Jackyl, U do have hormones. An' that's Y U disappeared 4 a while. ( I know )
Did U know that men also go thru menapause ? U must have gone thru it already by now. Y don't U tell the other guys all about it ? Most of 'em will deny it exists.
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How do U know I don't hear them ?
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Defintely - all they lack is the retractile claws...

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