Can You Show Me 1/3 Inch And 1/5 Inch On A Ruler, Please?


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Seeing as this is a written answer to a written question it is virtually impossible to illustrate points on a ruler. Rulers are usually divided into sections, either inches or centimetres as well as millimetres and a regular ruler usually has both marked out. The best thing to do if you want to find out fractions of an inch is to count out how many of these sections make-up an inch and then divide that figure by either three or five.
If your ruler also has centimetres marked on it, one third of an inch is roughly two centimetres and one fifth is approximately two and a half centimetres but this is only a rough estimate and can’t be taken as an exact measurement. If you are building something or following a design that requires fractions of an inch it may be better to see if you can get the measurements in metric measurements. The metric system is based on multiples of ten so it is a lot easier to divide fractions into thirds and fifths.
There are online aids to help you translate inches into centimetres and milimetres which may also help, or at least make things a little easier. You can find translations at the following website
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Well no, because this is the Internet. You'll find them on most rules divided into multiples of tenths and twelfths.

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