Can You Show Me 8 Inches On A Ruler?


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Can you show me 8 inches on a ruler?

Yes of course; if you follow this link you will find an online ruler which is to scale (

To find 8 inches on this ruler you go from the zero on the bottom line to the 8 on the bottom line (the top measurements are centimetres).

Basically 8 inches is pretty much the full length of this particular ruler. Please note that when you follow this link you will be asked to enter the size of your computer monitor so that you are given an accurate measurement, so make sure you have these details to hand. Make sure this is entered correctly or the measurement you are given will be totally wrong.

  • If you have a centimetre ruler at home and therefore do not know what 8 inches is, you can work it out as 1 inch is the same as 2.54 centimetres. Thus, 8in on a centimetre ruler would be 8 * 2.54 = 20.32cm.
  • If you do not have a ruler and want to work out 8 inches, you can use items in the home although it should be noted that this is far more approximate. Most DVD boxes, electric toothbrushes or average TV remote controls measure around 8 inches, whereas half the length of a 15in monitor is 8.5in.

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