Does A 2-kilogram Solid-iron Brick Have Twice As Much Mass As A 1-kilogram Solid Block Of Wood? Or How About Twice As Much Volume?


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Edward Bergen answered
The 2 Kg solid-iron brick has twice the mass of the 1 Kg block of wood.

You have no information on the volume or the density of either the wood or the iron, so you can't reach any definite conclusion about the relative volumes of iron or wood.

An educated guess would be the volume 1Kg of wood would probably be greater than the volume of 2 Kg of iron.

You can make a pretty good estimate for the volume of iron from a textbook density and the brick's mass of 2 Kg. The density of the wood, however can vary greatly.
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Tauseef Sheikh answered
Yes, you're thinking is right the volume is same but the mass is different because wood is different than Iron. And that is the point.

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