What Is The Difference Between The Mass And Volume Of A Substance?


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The mass of the substance is the amount of matter it contains.

Different kinds of balances are used to measure mass accurately. Two common types of balances are the beam balance and the electronic balance. In a beam balance, the weight is moved along a horizontal scale until it balances the mass of an object on a scale pan. Electronic balances are easier to use. They are capable to measuring up to 0.001g very quickly. The SI unit of mass is gram (g) for small amounts and kilogram (kg) for larger amounts

The volume of a substance is the amount of space it occupies.

Approximate volumes can be measured in through graduated containers, such as beakers or bottles. Vessels such as pipette or burettes can be used to determine more accurate volumes. A pipette is used to measure fixed volumes very accurately while a burette can measure to 0.1 cubic centimeter accuracy. Volume can also be measured through syringes.

When reading the volume it is important to read the measurement at the bottom of the curved surface of the liquid (called the lower meniscus) in the container. Smaller volumes are usually measured in cubic centimeters while larger ones are measured in liters (l)

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