Where Is A Good Flea Market Near Port St. Lucie Florida?


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There are a number of good flea markets near Port St. Lucie in Florida. Some of these can be found by following this link: www.floridaflea.com/index.php?a=5&b=203
One of the biggest flea markets in the local area is B&A Flea Market. This is located at 2885 Southeast Federal Highway, Stuart. At this flea market, there are over 500 different vendors and those attending the market have a huge amount of shops and stalls to choose from. There is also a great variety of food on offer, as well as a good program of entertainment for all the family. It is also open all year round until 15:00 in the afternoon. For more information, visit the website: Www.bafleamarket.com

There are also other flea markets in this area. Some of those on offer can be found in the following list along with their locations. Get in touch with them if you need any more information on opening times, etc:
•Belle Glade Wholesale Market - www.belleglademinimall.com - 525 Northwest Ave L, Belle Glade
•Trading Post Flea Market- 3100 US Highway 441 S, Okeechobee
•Mr B’s Garage- 2201 SE Indian Street, Stuart
•Market Place Flea Market - 3600 US Highway 441 S, Okeechobee
•Albert Lamore Flea Market - 1215 28th Avenue, Vero Beach

Certainly, what you regard as a good flea market may be different to what another person would describe as ‘good’. The only way of finding the best flea market for a particular item you are looking for is to ask your friends and family for their recommendations. You could also visit a few of the markets to make up your own mind, too. Another possibility is going to a car boot sale or a vintage store if you after certain items. Or try online auction sites such as eBay.com.

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