How Do I Convert Latitude & Longitude To Section, Township & Range?


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To align your longitude and latitude values into section, township and range you will have to physically line up the information by printing the information out. Comparing two different types of information will never provide an exact answer, but by taking some time you can convert the details into different formats.

  • What is latitude and longitude?

Latitude and longitude are traditional means of measurement, with latitude a horizontal line running through the earth and with longitude the vertical equivalent.

Latitude is measured in distance from the Equator, with longitude measured from the Greenwich time line in London, England. The measurements are given in degrees, minutes and seconds; which is more aligned to imperial measurements than metric.

A location can therefore be given in degrees, minutes and seconds in longitude and latitude allowing it to be identified on a map.

  • Section, township and range

This is a specific measurement system used for identifying and locating properties within the United States. Whilst similar in some respects to latitude and longitude, it is more flexible and specifically designed to bundle together packets of land that have a common bond. This means that a section of a river, hill or mountain range has its own particular identity.

Overlaying this with a latitude and longitude map will show areas that match up but the section, township and range is designed to match specific features of the land.

  • Comparisons

A latitude/longitude reading will identify a specific area regardless of its physical features whilst a section, township and range reading will identify with a feature. Carefully comparing these readings will allow you to transfer the location of your land from one format to the other.
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scroll down to the heading
Convert Latitude/Longitude to Township and Range
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If you have google, yahoo or mapquest, type in the numbers and click "Go", it should show you the location.

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