What Is The Longitude And Latitude Of The United States?


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The United states covers a considerable range of longitude and latitude. The "48 contiguous United States" range from approximately 24.52o N latitude to 49.38o N latitude, and from approximately 66.95o W longitude to 124.77o W longitude. The geographic center is near 39.8o N latitude, 98.5o W longitude.

The United States also includes Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska is both the easternmost and the westernmost state, ranging in longitude from about 129.96o W to 172.44o E. 151o W longitude and 65o N latitude will get you somewhere in the middle of the state. Hawaii is the southernmost state. Its coordinates are in the neighborhood of 21.3o N latitude and 157.8o W longitude.

The geographic center of the 50 states is in the neighborhood of 46o N latitude, 103o W longitude

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50 degrees N & 25 degrees N

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