What Is Inside An Animal Cell?


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Originally, more than one hundred years ago, people thought the inside of a cell was just a clear gel-like liquid. With the advent of more powerful microscopes and imaging techniques, we now know that cells contain a very complex and organised set of structures called organelles.

These all have their own place and their own function in the cytoplasm and have been described in detail. The major organelles found in animal cells are the nucleus, the mitochondria, the ribosome, the Golgi body, the endoplasmic reticulum, the lysozomes, the cell membrane and the microtubule skeleton.

Each organelle can only be seen with the aid of an electron microscope. This very powerful tool enables great detail to be seen on these tiny structures. New nanotechnology techniques are now starting to study the inside of the cell right down to the molecular imaging level. We may soon be able to see molecules interacting inside the cell, in real time.

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