What Is Persian Wheel Irrigation?


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Persian wheel: It is also known as Raha. It is used to lift water from a depth up to 20m.
The efficiency of the device is considerably reduced after 7.5m. The device consists of
endless chain of buckets made of GI sheet having capacity from 8-15 litres. The chain of
bucket is mounted on a drum and is submerged in the water to sufficient depth. The drum is
connected to a toothed wheel held in vertical plane by a long shaft, which is usually kept
below the ground level. The vertical toothed wheel is geared with a large toothed horizontal
wheel connected to a horizontal beam. This beam is yoked to a pair of animals. For operation
the animals move in rotary mode that rotates the buckets carrying water through the gear
system. The water IS released when the bucket reach the top. Average discharge of Persian
wheel is about 10,000 litres per hour from a depth of9m with one pair of bullocks.

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