Define The Role Of Information Technology In Modern Age How Can You Computerized Manual Business Setup Please Write Down A Complete Procedure Step By Step?


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A business requires a lot of setting up so it's not as easy to read a short article from the Internet and know how to set up a business. You need to know about how to become self-employed and how to register a business, you need to understand taxes and you need to know how to operate legally.

• Some advice

This appears to be a question that has come from some kind of academia. In this instance, it's important to remember that the Internet can't always provide you with the right answers. You will obviously be able to get some relevant information that is correct, but with academia, you need more than just some information off the Internet. Instead you need information that is completely relevant to your studies.

• Textbooks

If you are trying to answer a question from your studies then the best chance you have at succeeding is to look at any information that is relevant within your textbooks. In university your textbooks will be recommended to you at the beginning of the year and it's down to you to try and get hold of them for your studies. In other institutions your textbooks may be provided to you. Either way, ensure that you have the right textbooks.

• Teachers/tutors

Do remember that your teachers and tutors are always there for you, too. Your teacher is there to ensure that you get the highest quality education possible. In order to do this then they need to ensure that you understand questions and you are able to understand them for when it comes round to exam time. Speak to your teacher and you'll receive valuable information.

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