How Do I Solve This Chemistry Question: How Many Moles Are Contained In 25 G NaOH?Can You Please Explain Step By Step How I Would Solve This?


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You solve this by realizing
moles = (grams)/(grams/mole)

The grams/mole value of a substance is its molecular weight. That is found by adding the atomic weights of the constituent atoms. The atomic weights are ...
Na: 22.9898
O: 15.9994
H: 1.0079.
There is one atom of each in NaOH, so the molecular weight is the sum of these numbers: 39.9971.

moles = (25 g)/(39.9971 g/mol) = .625 moles.

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Hello I am writing only to illuminate the inaccuracies as I see them, I do not want to step on toes. First I congratulate you the simple fact of coming to the correct answer, but how you have with the the relationships in a simple factor label method problem is this. The relationship is incorrect and the value used in place of their calculated value 39.99gm/mole is 25 gms?.

Using your equation as listed: Moles = (grams)/(grams/mole)
the answers written would yeild the answer moles = (25G)/(25G/mole NaOH)=625 G2/mole, NO Way

Even with the correct MW = 39.99/ 1mole NaOH
mole = (25G)(40G/mole) = 999.75 G2/mole

The PROPER EQUTION can always be obtained by first writing down what you have and where you want to go.

Moles =  25 gms NaOH x (1mole NaOH/39.99 gms) = 0.73 moles of NaOH.
This way the units of grams will cancell out and you are left with the desired units of moles.
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You seem to be getting confused between multiplying by (g/mol) and dividing by (g/mol). You are correct that (g)*(g/mol) is a meaningless g^2/mol. Also, you seem to be confusing units with the quantity that has those units. I can have 150 miles and 50 miles/hour, and I can divide the former by the latter to get 3 hours. When I write the equation describing what happens to the units (miles/(miles/hour) = hours), it doesn't mean that I have to put 150 wherever miles are shown.
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The question asked for a step by step answer so he/she could follow and apply to other questions similar. The original author was not clear at all, so I tried to clarify...that all.

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