What Are The Examples Of Artificial Intelligence?


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Artificial Intelligence can be found in a whole number of products and processes and many that you come across in daily life. Artificial Intelligence (AI) doesn't necessarily immediately point to robots, although of course that is a firm example. Artificial Intelligence is used in a vast amount of things and some of the things may not have even crossed your mind.
Video Games use a great deal of Artificial Intelligence. Whenever you have settled down to indulge in a computer game that has pit your character/player against 'the computer' then this is using Artificial Intelligence. This is because the computer was programmed with a certain amount of virtual intelligence to know how to react to a certain move you follow through with your computer player. If for example, you're playing the computer in a fighting game, the computer has to be instilled with a fair amount of AI because it has to know how to react to your playing habits and skills and no fight is ever identical.
Also, there is a degree of AI present within the programming of a SAT NAV or auto pilot system as well as many automatic checking systems that you may find in places like airports and high security buildings.
AI is present in a number of computer-based products and as the years go on, more examples of Artificial Intelligence will arise.
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One of the example of artificial intelegency id the LUNAR SYSTEM. Used by the NASA scientists.  Lunar system sends to the other planets for searching the environment, composition of the components exists there.
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The best example of artificial intelligence are the robots. They have artificial intelligence. Similarly some other computers and checking systems also have artificial intelligence.
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A "bio-computer" out of DNA that is capable of handling a billion operations-per-second with 99.8% accuracy.
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A good case in point is AI in fashion, which can 

  • Predict shopper behaviours and assist
    in them in fetching products and recommending alternative;
  • Enable visual search
  • Enhance communication with customers
    by chatbots offering 24/7 support, etc

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Hello! Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that allows a system, machine or computer to perform tasks that require intelligent thinking, that is, to imitate human behavior for gradual learning using the information received and solving specific questions. The integration of AI into mechanisms and systems makes it possible to automate routine, labor-intensive or complex processes, including increasing their accuracy and productivity. From a practical standpoint, computer vision seeks to understand and automate the tasks that the human visual system can perform. If you need advice on this technology, here is the site https://dioramslam.com/  where they will tell you in detail about the scope and what features exist.

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