What Are The Artificial Methods Of Vegetative Reproduction?


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Playing like a bee. Use a brush to move pollen from one plant to another, wind current can be used as well this is with open pollenators, closed polenators are a bit tougher you could growth harmons such as rootone and do graphting
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Artificial methods of vegetative reproduction are as follows. The first method is the bud graft in which a stem piece containing buds is inserted into a slot cut in a rootstock. The second method is the tissue culture technology in which the single plant cells can be induced to divide. With the division of the cells they grow and make a complete plant. Third method is the cutting in which plants are vegetated by putting the cut end of a shoot into water or moist earth. When they are provided the suitable conditions then roots grow from the base of the stem into the soil and the stem and leaves also appear. The last method is grafting in which a bud or shoot is inserted into a cleft or under the bark on the stem. The portion that is rooted is known as stock while the shoot being drafted is known as scion.

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