How Much Is 500g Of Flour In Ml?


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It is around 20oz of flour, or in perhaps more measurable terms, it is the same as around 2 cups. The cups measurement is popular in the United States so you will probably be more familiar with that measurement than with grams, which is generally used across Europe.

  • Converting measurements
    Measurements are incredibly important in our lives, that is why over the decades people have striven to ensure that measurements work properly. Most can be converted and work together to make measurements of all kinds really easy to use.We now have the imperial and metric system, and across the world, countries differ in terms of which one they actually use.

    Converting is really easy these days. One way you could do it is use Google to search for the equation that allows you to convert measurements. For instance, you could find out that in Britain a stone is the same as 14.5 pounds. This means that to convert between the two you need to remember the ratio is 14:1. This means that to find 10 stone, you will need to multiply 10 by 14.5. This is relatively easy, but without a calculator and if you have some rather large numbers, then you won't necessarily be able to make the conversion on the spot.

    You can also use Google to do the calculations for you. Google offers the ability to convert things in one step. All you need to do is type something similar to 'ten pounds in stone', and Google will be able to provide you with an instant answer.

    If this still doesn't help, you could always get yourself a conversion chart to use. This is useful if you find yourself needing to convert certain measurements often throughout the day.

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