What Are The 3 Factors That Encourage Youth To Engage In This Type Of Behavior?


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The largest factor is ignorance of consequences. Perhaps another major contributor is lack of care about the consequences. Significant contributors to these are
- over-protection
- abuse.

Youth who are well-loved and well-grounded rarely engage in risky behavior.
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Family enviroment, friends, spiritual awareness, any imbalance in any of these catagories could cause youth to behave in risk behavior.
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Well 'one' is likely to be alcohol free,it's all about the kind of life you chose to live.Always consider yourself as an independent,self esteemed and confident person as to live a alcohol free lifestyle.Say 'NO' peer pressure,don't socialise with drunkers.
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They feel like they are invincible, that they can't be hurt and nobody will tell me what I can and can't do. That everyone else in the world is stupid and knows nothing. I have two teenagers and this is just a little of what I've experienced.

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