What are the types of risky behavior?


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There are a number of risky behaviors - people who have disregard for danger and risk might get involved in any of the following:

  • Criminal activity.
  • Drug smuggling.
  • Getting into fights.
  • Taking drugs.
  • Doing stunts in a car or motorbike. Also drag racing and street racing.

Unfortunately, I know people who I went to school with who have engaged in some of the above risky behaviors, and even though they have sort of calmed down as they became older and more mature, there are people of all ages that are guilty of doing these things.

Some of them involve risk for others too, like getting involved in crimes like robbery, while other risky behaviors can pose a danger only to oneself.

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Speeding with cars or motorbikes

Drinking too much

Doing drugs or doing a drug that you dont really know what it is or you are trying it for the first time - you either get addicted to it or OD

Agreeing to take sexy text and pictures of you and sending it to your boyfriend - even there is a high change of Revenge Porn and the resulting cyberharrassment that can happen.

Combining large quantities of drugs and prescription pills that are opides, benzodiazipines, or some type of anti-depressant or anything that over time causes the body to become addicted or can be abused and drinking with that combination

Balony jumping

Having sex drunk

Jumping out of a plane untrained

taking part in multi-sexual orientations orgies or sex parties and forgiving to use protection

Having sex with some who looks young - they could be underage

hanging outside a window with the window open really wide

Stage diving incorrectly

Rain and water near electrials. 


Going to report in countries who are at war

Going to war

Doing legal highs


smoking a Blunt

Not censoring your posts etc online

Getting into the wrong crowd like gangs


meeting someone you dont know in person but met or inteact with online.

Undercover investigations

Doing something illegal


Exreme hatred and prejudice of like homophobia and racism.

Just a few I can thing of. 

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Risky behaviour falls into the following categories:

  • Dangerous driving
  • Sending nude photos to each other
  • Engaging in unprotected sex
  • Taking drugs
  • Joining a gang

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