What Is An Algal Bloom And Why Is It Dangerous?


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It is a rapid increase, or increased accumulation of algae in the aquatic system, that leads to an overgrowth of them. It harms the environment by the production of toxins in the water supply, which would lead to wide spread of contamination. It also caused mechanical damage to animals. It also human illnesses and deaths to people who had consumed seafood infected with algal. It also led to the depletion of the oxygen content in the water, which animals and plants find it hard to respire and die.
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An algal bloom is the overgrowth of algae in a pond or area of slow flowing water, usually in hot weather. Water near farmland can contain high levels of nutrients as fertlisers are washed off the fields. This leads to a high level of nitrogen and phosphorus in the water, which algae love.

When the water warms up in hot weather, and there is plenty of sunlight for photosynthesis, algae use the excess nutrients and grow extremely rapidly. They can overwhelm a pond or small lake in a matter of days. As the colony grows, the algae produce a lot of waste products and these accumulate in the water.

Some of the wastes are toxic to animals that may drink at the pond ~ such as cattle. Some deaths have occurred and there is a risk that the groundwater and supplies of water intended as human drinking water could become contaminated. Farmers are being encourage to limit fertiliser use to avoid this.

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