Is It Justified To Cut Down Trees In Order To Meet Ever-increasing Demand In Factories And For Building Shelter?


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There are certainly a lot of reasons why we shouldn't be cutting down as many trees as we do, so my opinion is that it is not justified.

What are the effects of cutting trees?
I'm not a hippy or a big eco-campaigner, but even I would have to admit that we can't keep cutting down trees at the rate we're going at now.

Deforestation is the name of the game, and that game is ruining our planet in a number of ways.

Cutting down trees has been proven to contribute to the following:
  • Global warming
  • Desertification
  • Destroying animal habitats
  • Soil erosion
Is it justified to cut trees for factories and shelter?

On the other hand, factories and industry are really important parts of our economy. Can we really afford to just stop cutting trees?

My hunch is that we'll always rely on trees for wood, as it is one of our main natural resources. But we also need to accept that it's high time we all woke up and smelled the coffee.

If we continue to cut down trees the way we are now, all these factories and shelters we can create and supply with wood will be located in a barren desert with no biodiversity- is that really worth it?
I thought not!
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Only if they have it in a contract to replace all trees that were cut and to restore the land once the building is in place and if it is ageeable to all the citizens living in the area.

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