What Is The Role Of Chemistry To Our Society In Shelter And Clothing?


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Chemistry plays a huge and important role in society, with relation to shelter and clothing. For example, chemists come up with new paints and epoxy sprays that protect shelters from the wear and tear inflicted by rain, wind, sun and pollution. These space age coatings and paints are designed to make properties look better, perform better and last longer. Thermal chemical compounds may protect rooftops and also help structures stay at the right temperature. These chemical compounds have been proven to reduce energy costs and to create a more comfortable shelter for use as a private residence, business headquarters, or any other purpose.

Chemical engineers who create fabrics that offer special, stain-resistant properties are also designing technologically advanced fabrics that come out of the dryer without wrinkles or creases. These new fabrics are reducing the amount of time it takes to care for clothes; they are also helping the environment by making it easier for people to avoid dry-cleaning and other, energy-wasting cleaning methods. Today, chemical technology is revolutionizing the way people wear and take care of clothing. Today's fabrics can be treated for specific purposes, such as rugged outdoor use, or business wear. Each fabric can be chosen based on its aesthetic appeal, as well as its special chemical properties. Stain-resistant fabrics contain a coating that will:

• Allow liquids, such as coffee or red wine, to "roll off" of the surface
• Make them easier to clean, in the event that a stain does transfer onto fabric

Chemists spend years learning how to combine chemicals to obtain a positive end result. Lab work, analysis, and experiments are used to make technological advancements that benefit mankind and contribute to better shelter and clothing. Chemists are a vital part of society, and they improve our living conditions with their achievements and innovative thinking.
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