What Is The Meaning Of Development Communication In Different Social Sciences?


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  • Development communication, in whatever field, is the integration of all strategic communication within development projects. It is an incredibly powerful tool that is able to improve the chances of success within projects like this. The effort strives to create a behavior change and not just dissemination of information, or education, or even awareness-raising.
  • Even though education and awareness-raising are incredibly important parts of communication, they are insufficient in allowing people to change long-established behaviors or practices within a particular area of establishment. In order to have an effect on behavior change, it is compulsory for the individual to know why people do the things that they do, and understand the barriers to change - or even to adopt new practices.
  • It is not sufficient to raise awareness of all the benefits - instead it is necessary for people to understand the barriers and costs that an individual would perceive that a change could entail.
  • Meaningful and true communication is all about obtaining information out of an audience, listening to any feedback they have and responding to the feedback appropriately. Whether this is a discussion of the development project, or of more broad economic reforms, the whole idea is to create a consensus by raising the public understanding and generating well-informed dialog amongst the stakeholders.
  • Well thought out and professionally implemented communication programs within an establishment, joined directly to any reform efforts or development projects, can make the difference between success and failure of a project.
  • For more information on development communication then you can look at the extensive article available on Wikipedia. Simply head to the Wikipedia website and search for development communication, and you will be provided with plenty of information.

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