What Is Maxist Theory Of Social Development?


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Marxist theory is very easy to understand. All you need to remember are the main features of the theory which are within:

• Education
• Crime
• Work
• Healthcare
• And the social scale

Education and work are going to be the mains ones which you are going to find the most information about. Within Marxism is Communism and therefore it is not going to matter what job you have as you are not going to earn more than someone who has a less important job which would usually earn less money within Capitalism. Education is going to have an affect here as children are going to get the same education.

Healthcare and crime are the next step within the theory. Crime is dealt in a very different manner as to how it would be within Capitalism. Within Communism there are no rights which the criminal has and therefore the consequences are going to be much more dangerous and harsh. You are going to find that the healthcare system is also going to be fair as everyone has access as a matter of right.

The social scale is going to be the easiest feature for you to understand with Marxism and it is what makes it very different to that of Capitalism. You are going to final that the social development is not going to rely on someone's job and how much they earn as everyone is going to be equal and there are not going to be any middle class and lower class families which can be compared to one another.

Social development is something that defines different theories and ideas within countries, and within the Soviet Union this was defined by the means of Communism and what it represented.

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