What Does A Fax Machine Do?


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A fax machine can send exact replicas of paper text.  It is connected to a phone line, and messages can be sent and received instantly.
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There is no full form of FAX but we can make it like,
Facility of automatic xerox
Far Away Xerox
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Fax is short for facsimile
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Fax machine can send an exact copy of files to other fax machine.
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I could not understand what do you mean full form? Fax machine is an device which sends or receives the text or pictures through telephone lines. It work by dividing the text in to bites of machine language that is 0 or 1 and then transfer these bites through telephone lines to the concerned fax machine which again covert these bites in to the text or picture. All fax machines are capable of doing this and are full fax machines. For more details, visit fax machines.
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A fax basically is a telecommunication technology which is applied to transfer copies of documents, mainly using affordable gadgets which function over a telephone network.

Normally to send a fax you place the piece of paper to be faxed in the upper section of the machine. Now enter the phone number that you want to send the fax to and press the send button. After the fax is received you will get a printed confirmation. Even though fax machines of certain type have always been around since the 19th century, the contemporary fax machine only became available post the mid 1970s.

Fax machines initially became well known in Japan, where they had an upper hand over other technologies like the teleprinter. Over the period of years the fax technology became extremely cheap and became well known globally.
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It sends a copy or image of important documents in remote areas. The recipient should also be capable of receiving the fax document to establish a successful transmission. Online fax technology right now offers a quick and more secure faxing technique.
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The latest trend in faxing today is the online fax or the interent fax. This one does not require  phone line since fax documents are transmitted over the internet.

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