What Is A Afro Asian Drama?


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An Afro Asian drama is a theater production featuring issues and themes relating to Afro Asian society. Such societies exist in locations such as Madagascar and South Africa, where both black and Asian people reside. Afro Asian individuals are those with a combination of black and Asian heritage; they may also be referred to as Blashian. Common themes of Afro Asian drama productions include martial art fighting, in dramas aiming to entertain and excite, and unemployment, in theater productions that aim to portray what is happening in the real world.
  • The Karate Kid
The Karate Kid is one loose example of an Afro Asian drama production. The film, released in 2010, revolves around the theme of martial arts and depicts both Black, Asian and Afro Asian characters. The plot, which features Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith as the main characters, tells of how a young boy getting bullied seeks to learn the martial art of karate. His master is at first reluctant, but then agrees to tutor him after much persuasion from the boy. The film ends in the young boy defeating his arch enemy and former bully in a karate fight. The bully and his friends accept him and he lives happily after that, winning the karate tournament.

  • The importance of Afro Asian drama
Afro Asian drama is considered by many to be important, as it tells the stories of those in communities that are often under represented on the worldwide platform. Afro Asian societies have many problems, including poverty and inequality, and it is important the world learns about them in order for help to be given.

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