Why Am I So Cynical?


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You are so cynical because:

1. You have been cheated, lied to and deceived so much for so long.
2. You realize the govt, the schools, your parents and everybody in positions of authority are faking it.
3. You have been ridiculed all your life for having original ideas.
4. You have been ridiculed all your life for wanting more in life than others think you deserve.
5. You are smarter than your complacently dopey peers.
6. Your sex life is not working so well for you.
7. All the things you were taught to believe were disappointments upon mature examination.
8. You don't know if your life-plans will really work out.
9. You correctly observe that most 'happy' people are failures on many levels.
10. You allow negative and mean people into your life. Ban them all forever.

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