Do People Who Hate Animals Have A Emotional Disorder?


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Louis Dupont answered
Personalities differ, and people who hate animals are just different. They may have grown up with parents that doted on their pets more than the children, this could surely make for resentment, or the attitudes towards pets could be a learned behavior from the parents. I don't think I would consider it an emotional disorder unless it was accompanied by activities that the individual explored towards the animal that were hateful and harmful.
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No. Individuals who are having relations with animals (stroking, fondling, stroking, kissing, sleeping with) are perversions.
I do not hate. Individuals who are having relationships with animals are sick, twisted and full of hate for people. When it is time to feed a child or feed an animal these perverts will feed animals and allow children to die. They are emotionally and mentally stunted. They are nothing but animals. Those like me are not animals: We are above animals.
There is a word for these perverts: Unfortunately this site cannot deal with truth.
I do not eat meat. I cross the street to get away from them. I want away from animals: To have nothing to do with them. I want to be with strong, loving individuals who would not allow my children to be hurt by animals.

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