Why Some People Are Emotional While Others Are Not?


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It all depends from person to person. Some peoples due to some mishap in their past becomes very strong.... And some takes it too seriously and becomes emotional. Being emotional doesn't means crying over small things it simply means that they take everything very seriously and on their heart.. They just can't hide their emotions and the next person get to know easilt that what are they thinking or what are they feeling. But ome peoples are very tough they just hide their feelings even though they also feel bad.
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Emotions are the flow of our inside. It is about the internal feelings of our self. Our self is something which has a way to express itself by the help of emotions. Emotions are also under hormonal control and at times, a person fails to have full-fledged control of emotions. Some people are more emotional than others because they have this thing in their nature. Their nature is like this because of their high hormonal secretion. Another thing that makes some people more emotional than others is their inherited nature. If your parents are emotional then may be you are inheriting this thing from them and you are also an emotional person.

Well some people become emotional because of their milieus, if a persona had to face serious conditions around him. His mother is an ill woman and he has to be worried about his mother since his childhood then he would be obviously an emotional guy. Some people become more emotional than ever before after losing their loved ones. Emotional nature of a person varies from situation to situation and person to person. A person may be more emotional for her girlfriend but unemotional for a beggar.
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Emotions are natural phenomena and they are present in every individual but they vary person to person. Some people become emotional for everything and matters, some are emotional on different matters while there is a class of people who can very well hide their emotions and don't let others know about their feelings and thoughts for that particular time and period.
So far this particular question is concerned that why some people are emotional while others are not, I don't agree to it. Emotions prevail in every human being who keeps mind and knows the value of different things and matters. It is possible some people cannot control their emotional state and every person can very well notice there the exact condition of those or that person. The other class belongs to those people who have control over their emotions and even in the worst situation they can control and hide their emotional state. So you can very well say that some people are emotional while others are not that simply means the control over emotions of that particular person concerned to that particular conditions.
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Emotions vary by the individual. Certain people will get emotional towards death while others are unfazed because all they see it as is a part of life. The triggers to a persons emotions are triggered by their perspectives and what touches their 'heart'.

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