How Is Marble Made?


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Marble is a natural material which means it has been formed by the elements and nature instead of by man. Marble is a solid material often used for such things as:

  • floors
  • work tops
  • sculptures
  • How is marble made?
Marble is made from the metamorphism (which is a type of crystallizing process) of different sedimentary carbonate rocks. These rocks are usually dolomite or limestone rock.

After the crystallizing process is complete, the rocks have a new structure which is called marble. The intricate detail you often see in marble is not man made, it is the small crystals of rock that fused together to make the marble. The veins and swirls on the marble is also various mineral impurities such as clay, silt or sand that may at one point have been a sedimentary layer in the limestone.

There are many different types of marble depending on what area you get the material from and what rocks metamorphoses to create the marble. The color of marble can vary from black and white to green depending on what areas the rocks fuse crystallize together.

The most popular type of marble is the white marble. The pure white variety is formed from very pure dolomite or limestone.

  • Etymology
The word marble is derived from the Greek word mármaron which is from mármaros meaning crystalline rock or shining stone.
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Marble is formed when limestone is subjected to great pressure and heat under the surface and the calcite is turned into other crystals the color is determined by other substances in the limestone-Kurt Spencerport NY
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From its smooth surface and its impeccable sheen, marble is one of the most aesthetic substances that are created by nature. The formation of marble is a purely chemical process which involves a long period, practically millions of years.

Marble is formed when granular limestone or dolomite rocks crystallize twice under the influence of vital elements like heat, pressure, liquid and chemical action. The rocks are compressed by these elements and undergo an absolute metamorphosis (that means a complete transformation of shape and form).

Most of the marble existing today was formed many millions of years ago and was extracted from the deep core of the Earth. Marble is normally used in the creation of buildings, monuments, sculptures and table-tops, all of these chiselled creations having an air of royalty about them, because of the obvious reason that they are made out of marble. The most major discoveries of marble have been made in Italy, Mexico, the United States, Norway and Greece.
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Marbles is made by recrystallization of lime stone. In this process, Limestone is heated and cooled and when its crystallized Marbles are formed.
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Marble is rock and it's name is metamorphic. Marble is made from limestone. Marble is heated and it takes it's shape. The process is called recrystallization. For more information on it, please visit the following link.
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Its metamorphic, so most likely it was made under heat and pressure.
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Marble is a metamorphic rock.metamorphic rocks are formed when sedimentary rocks are put under high pressure and heat. Marbles sedimentary rock is limestone.
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Heyyy, It's made when limestone is put under extreme pressure and heat ( like diamonds but different mineral ) that's why it's so hard x
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Its formed by the techonic plates crashing together and producing limestone then turing that into marble and thats how its made bruv !
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Marble is made from limestone, once the limestone is heated and pressurized the it starts a process called recrystallization. When this happens marble is made.
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Marble is made from the limestone but then is shaped and formed by a process know as recrystallization to the cause of the heat and pressure

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