What Is Electromagnetic Effect?


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Electromagnetic effect is one caused by a magnet placed in an electic field
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Electromagnetic effect is the effect of electric and magnetic fields on various materials. Water being dipolar in nature is partly aligned when it comes in contact with an electric field; also as it is diamagnetic or displays the property of being repelled by a magnet it could be elevated when exposed to very high magnetic fields.

Another example of electromagnetic effect is observed in the event of a nuclear explosion; a strong electromagnetic field is often created after the occurrence of an explosion whose presence can be experienced by its effect on electric and electronic equipment.

With respect to conductors a strong electric field is seen to induce magnetic properties in the conductor which then becomes an electromagnet while a strong magnetic field is seen to induce an electric current in the conductor (electromagnetic induction). The electromagnetic effect is seen with respect to radiation as well; radiation like alpha and beta rays emitted by radioactive substances get deflected when exposed to an electric or magnetic field.
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It is a effect on the magnetic field on different types of materials.

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