Can You Give Me Some Examples Of An Electromagnet?


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What are electromagnets used for?
Electromagnets are used mainly on objects that have moving parts like automatic doors, CD players, automatic doors, electric windows, mobile phones, microwave, alarms, TVs, garage doors, electric gates, door bells, loudspeaker, maglev trains, light switches, tape recorders, electric clock, vacuum, washing machine, dryer, food processor, toaster,
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Electromagnets are used in a number of everyday devices.
One useful characteristic of an electromagnet is the fact that you
can vary its magnetic force by changing the amount
and direction of the current going through the coils or windings around
it. Loudspeakers and tape recorders are devices that
apply this effect.
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A refrigerator magnet, a compass needle, a stereo speaker, and an iron needle

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I agree with venus gray, electromagnets are used in a number of everyday devices, I can only remember garage doors when I installed my door the friends in J&S overhead garage door service explained this to me, visit here to see their services. The electromagnets help the small motor lift the door, but this is only on certain types of garage doors.

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An electromagnet is a temperary magnet made by coiling wire around an iron core. I hope that helped, even though your homework was over 11 months ago.
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