What Trends Are Occurring In The Development And Use Of The Major Type Computer System?


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Simply put, a computer system is a complete computer along with any software and peripheral devices necessary to make the computer function, such as a printer or scanner.

The most important component of any computer system is the computer itself. Primarily this consists of some form of memory storage, and a processing unit which allows the computer to execute instructions.

Computers have developed over the years from the first electronic computers of the mid-20th century that would barely fit in a single room, to the tiny computer systems that are now found in mobile phones and portable media players.

Trends are occurring in the development of major computer systems almost continuously, and for those wanting to stay ahead of the game you most be capable of 'future-proofing' your computer system. That is buying top end equipment, which is often costly, in the hope that it will last a long time, and not be outdated within a few months.

The very nature of technology means that advances are likely to happen. From the simple calculator to the internet, over the last century computer systems and technology have progressed so rapidly, that you can now do on a mobile phone what was once impossible to do on a standard desktop.

The next generation of computer systems appear to be working towards wireless interaction, which is now a function many of us use. As well as this present trends include touchscreen displays, such as those found on iPads and other tablets, and 3D technology.

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