What are 5 technology and business trends that have enhanced the role of information systems?


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Information systems have been greatly improved by technology: Think about your smartphone, iPad, or laptop. Information systems are part of our day-to-day life. You can see its benefits: They're rapid, have a lot of memory and storage, they can perform complex processes in a simple and quick way and they are also highly adaptable (you can programme and reprogramme them!).

Now some of the trends that have increased their importance are:

1) The birth of e-commerce: Buying and selling goods and services online, whenever and wherever you are. Every small businesses can afford that, and it has made the world's market become even larger.

2) Smart mobility technology: there are more and more mobile phones on the market that seem to compete for the "smartest" of the year title. These are not used to make simple calls anymore, you can access the internet wherever you are and thus enhance the growth of an industry.

3)Social Media: Without any doubts, that's one of the most important technological trends today. These tools give powers to individuals and this can spur innovation. Social Media have changed the way businesses deal with clients, employees and partners as they can get access straight away to immediate feedbacks, people's needs and ideas.

4) Web 2.0: that is, a group of technologies (like networking, blogs etc..) that enable businessess to connect to customers and partners to enhance collaboration and communication.

5) RSS (Really Simple Syndication): is a tool that enables you to subscribe to online blogs, podcasts, or other websites and receive updates and new content as soon as it is published. ( Blogs have this "subscribe to RSS Feed" button quite often, is that orange logo that pops out, if you have Google Chrome, on the right hand corner of the page.)

These are only a few examples, here I also found an article that lists some other technologies that also help profitability for a business.

I hope this helps!

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