What Type Of Solution Is D5 1/4 Normal Saline?


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Saline is the general term used for a sterile solution of sodium chloride (common table salt) in water. It is only sterile when it is injected into the veins; otherwise a saline solution is just a salt water solution.

The sterile solution is used for the following:

  •   Intravenous therapy, commonly known as 'the drip' as it is generally stored in a drip chamber, which prevents air getting into the blood stream. Intravenous therapy is used to correct electrolyte imbalances, to deliver medication, for blood transfusion or as a fluid replacement to correct a case like dehydration.
  • Rinsing contact lenses - Saline solutions do not disinfect, they are just used for rinsing and cleaning the lens.
  • Nasal irritation - Saline solutions are in nasal sprays. It is not addictive and it simply loosens mucus in the nostril and helps wash it out. It's very safe to use for everyone, no matter how frequently and for how long it is used.
  • Cleaning new piercings - Using any salt dissolved in water can be used to clean piercings. It's best for the solution to be warm when cleaning out a piercing because any bacteria can be lifted up better in a warm solution than a cold one.
Also, wiping a warm solution over the piercing is a lot more soothing than wiping a cold solution over it.

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