How Do I Mix Saline Solution?


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You don't want this for internal use the balance is improper. Having this much salt will leech the water from your cells making this do exactly the opposite of what you want from a saline solution. The solution mix you want for internal or moisturizing/flooding use when ill is .09%. This information I provide to you is from bio101. That is to say that the water is 99.01% and the salt is .09%
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Saline is a simple mixture of salt and water. The best solution is made with distilled water, which can be purchased at any pharmacy or drug store and from some grocery and discount stores. Normally, the best saline solution is a combination of salt and distilled water but you can use tap water, however it will not make a pure solution because of all the products added to tap water in the purification process.

Some people like to go to a health food store and purchase one of the many special sea water salts, one is Celtic Sea Salt. The reason for this is the ordinary table salt we use every day is not pure salt, it contains minerals added in the production process. The best saline solution will come from pure salt, salt from the sea in its pure form and distilled water.

Purchase the salt and the distilled water, which is very inexpensive, often less than a dollar for a half gallon. Once you have your ingredients you need to prepare a container. The best container is made from glass. It can be sterilized to make certain you have no impurities in the container, you will pour your saline solution into later.

First, heat the amount of distilled water equivalent to amount of saline you want, 8, 10, 12 oz. whatever your container will hold. Be certain to use a clean pan. The water does not need to boil, but it does need to be very hot. When it is hot take it off the stove and place it on a safe and solid surface. Use a wooden spoon, if you have one. As you begin to pour salt into the water, stir the salt until it begins to dissolve, continue pouring the salt and stirring. When you begin to see the salt crystals are not all dissolving, as they were when you first began to add the salt, stop pouring salt and stop stirring, the mixture. Let the solution sit for a few moments.

Notice as you look into the mixture, you see salt crystals lying on the bottom of the pan. This is because the water has reached a 100% saturation point and no more salt crystals can be absorbed into the water. You now have a 100% Saline Solution. Pour the solution into your prepared container slowly, so the crystals on the bottom of the pan remain there. If, you tilt the pan too much the crystals will slide along the inside of the pan and enter yor solution container. Avoid this by stopping to pour solution when you see this happening.

You now have a 100% Saline Solution, which can be used as a nasal congestion treatment and for many other uses. Of, course you can make Saline solution with different levels of salt and water by using measuring cups to create 25%, 50% and any other percentage of salt to water for your solution.
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Simply adding salt in water

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