What Kind Of Experiment Can I Do That Uses Color To Modify Human Behavior?


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Talking from working with colours everyday (graphic designer), just a suggestion :)

Put all the major colours : Black, red, yellow, blue, green, orange etc on a piece of paper. Ask a random person to write down what they feel towards each colour. Do it with as many people as you possibly can.

From there, take the "feelings" written down and estimate which word was most related to each colour.

For example: Red = Agression/anger/love.
For example: Blue = calm/corporate/etc

Hope this could help! Good luck
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Pink will make people weak and blue (sky blue is best) will make them stronger. Stair at one for 5 min than lift. Stair ay other for 5 min then lift. Repeat other way around then reverse the next day for a control.
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Certain police stations have cells painted pink. If the offender is violent and all he can see is the color pink, it is meant to have a calming affect.
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A similar technique has been used in psychiatric wards where emphasis was put on soft pastel colours in dayroom decor. The results showed a marked decline in aggressive outbursts.
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I am a quilter and own the book, "Quilting Color Magic" by Sue Harvey. She explains how different colors and background colors affect mood and emotions. For instance you wouldn't use a stimulating color for a baby crib quilt. This is a small book and can be bought from House of White Birches. It's great for explaining all about color and the effect on human emotions. Should work for behaviour, also. Try different combos of cool and warm colors. See what happens. Look out your window at nature and see how she puts it together. How does it effect you to look at Mother Nature?

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